Today was the grand opening of the black park-line here in Hafjell, Norway. Jump nr.2 was just a bit to big for the snowy weather and the bad speed today. They have allready pushed it foreward a couple of meters.  The black line has 3 jumps. First one is a setup jump, decent kick and long landing. app 15 meters to the landing. Jump nr 2 is big, 18 meter stepdown with a long landing. Then you have to pass a big uphill/downhill to get speed for the 3rd and final jump. 15 meter stepover you might say. What is safe to say, is that the size tells nothing about the hangtime. Switch 10s has been done with ease, and I guess you could do most tricks you feel like doing there.  to finish things off you have a pretty flat shoot-out box, pretty long.   The lower part will get more rail-features along the way I guess.

Here is a short but entertaining documentary of the giant park in Norway. Enjoy!


And FYI: That is not me screaming of fear, more suprised that the jumps were of that size. Just had to make things clear!