This was my first trip to haines, first time skiing out of a helicopter, first trip with JP and Michelle, first time shooting a kicker from a heli, first time getting pinched by a crab... is that enough firsts?

Okay one more....

It was also the first time i had to decide bewteen two heli trips(pretty rediculous) but i opted to hang with the PBP crew since haines terrain is undeniably HIffey and I had had enough of Kris Ostness for one season(haha love you kris:) ). 

As for the weather, lets break it down mathematically (I had symms help me out with these)

I was in haines for 26 days, and roughly 7.76543 of these days were sunny and of these 7.76543 sunny days, 5.34346 were flyable days.

That means when i went to sleep at night, there was a 20.2434325% of flying the next day.

our sunny day percentage was  29.893424%

We brought the sleds.... of the 26 days, we sledded 0 days!!!!!

 Our Sunny day Percentage  needed to be around 18-23% to safely snowmobile and not miss our chance for a break in the clouds and a chance to fly.

So the bottom line is, heli skiing is alot of waiting, i am excited for next year though. The absinthe guys were there, those guys have been going there for, i heard this was there, I think there 16th year, so the oppertunity and experience that i gained this year is worth every penny i  spent (note to self, get more HELI BUDGET).

The more i  go the better my segments are gonna get, the better awareness i will gain up there, and these guys pep and jp are gonna help me out tons THANKS TO YOU GUYS!!!

                                 Tracks, unlimited possibilties in Alaska  (lat and longitude under wraps)

                           More tracks with michelle hanging at the top ready to drop

                           absinthe crew waiting for sun, playing soccer (snowboard fans will spot pros here)

                             My Only action shot pep 540!!!!!!

                                              Its sunny, we ready to roll