Day 2: in the metropolitan Denver led to many exciting visits to many exciting landmarks in the northern Suburbs/Boulder area, Visting many office, and educational enviorments as well as some Landmarks (to us) in the Boulder Area. This morning i woke up to visit University of Colorado to see what all the hooplah is about, and I can see where the hype comes from, it's such a sick campus, and the people are real chill. Overall, its respectable to me.

After that I took a closer look at the Pearl St Mall (for midwesterners compare it to State St, for EC/VTers Main St in Burlington, and Bostonians Harvard Square), it was pretty cool, some pretty uhhh.. i think excentric is the word, yes excentric Homeless people. anyways that was cool, so I decided to dig deeper into the Skiing Scene, the Freeskier Scene, I PM'd Harvey last night, asking if it was cool to stop by, and was granted access, so after my afternoon rounds I headed up there, met the gang, checked out the office, which is pretty sick especaily "the target room", basically target donated a Living Room, which is sick, Definately haven't seen many offices outfitted with Couches and a huge Plasma. Other than that I got a sneak peak at the behind the scenes that goes on with the Buyers Guide, All the 07/08 skis you've peeped on NS were in all the nooks and cranies of this place. Definately got stoked on that.

After FS, it was back to Denver for the Rockies/Yankees (anti-red sox game), Got down there a little early and scoped it out with my designated locals (cousins), One thing that really stood out was Denver's Huge Skatepark ( i really wish my camera battery had been charged), now im not a West coast guy, but City parks definently not as big, or as funded as this place was, and then when i left the game it was lit, and people were still skating (oh the joys of HOLLArado), The Rockies game was legit, although we sat in the hardass section, and the lovely mormon (yankees-rootin') family was soo dissapointed in us for CUSSING (the yankess suck chant, honestly bring your kids to Boston, then they will be fucking scared), anyways, we started the Yankees are Sinners chant, followed by GOD/JESUS loves COLORADO. anyways it was sweet, even though the lace s was 90% yankees fans (the Souvenir stands also sold Yankees gear). In the end it worked out, the yankees lost (to the rockies... ahahah) 3-1. good outting.

so heres what i took away from today

Boulder is Sweet, CU is too

Freeskier has some dope offices

Rockies fans don't exist.

Denver cares about everyone.

Yankees Still SUCK.

goodnight newschoolers!