Newschoolers' Review:

The Stinger is definitely at home in the park. While it is beefy enough to float in the soft snow, it doesn't float well due to being full camber and center mounted. I would give it a medium flex, and they are very snappy. I tend to be a fan of damp skis that feel very dead but the Stinger is very alive, and I still love them. If you like to ollie and nollie around, these will do it for you. I have yet to wash out or overpower the ski. They carve beautifully out of the box with minimal chatter. If you are looking for a one ski quiver, look elsewhere but these are a great park option. -Lemuel

Characteristics: Lightweight, Poppy, Aggressive

Manufacturer's Description:

The legend continues with our famous park & all-mountain ripper. The Stinger has an absurd amount of pop due to its traditional full camber construction. When you combine this with its aggressive side cut, you get a ski that shoots you in and out of turns like no other. We recommend the Stinger for park skiers searching for a lightweight, poppy ski.

Sizes: 178 CM

Dimensions: 125 / 96 / 125 MM

Radius: 18 M

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