HG Skis are a small ski company based in Burlington, Vermont. They currently offer one ski, the Stinger, and they've been working to perfect it for well over 4 years. They've also produced one of the best ski movies of the season for the last few seasons and it's all straight out of the east coast. They dropped in to Ski Gabber over the last couple of weeks to answer your questions about their skis, inspiration, snacking recommendations and salad tossing preferences.

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5 to 9 was one of my favorite ski films that came out of last season, how do you guys think you were able to create such a dope film without the help of big name sponsors? What was some of your inspiration when you were making the movie? (AnnieLou)



How are HG Skis and J Skis different? Made in the same factory and pretty much the same specs, price and the edgeless tip and tails. Both in the same city in Vermont, and both have the owners name as the company name. (skiforce1)

That's a great question. The fact is, despite the obvious similarities you have pointed out, there are many qualities which separate us from J skis.

HG Skis developed a brand and a product in the trenches. We built a team which tested our products in the streets to meet the needs of today's freeskiers. We've been doing this for 4 years. We're very sure of who we are - a tight knit company of friends. We create what we enjoy.

As far as our tip and tail construction: We've adjusted the position of where our edge ends to below the ski tip contact point. This means no edge bending is required before pressing, and thus less stress in the ski assembly. This has eliminated the issue of edges blowing out the sides of a ski tip.

Our skis will certainly ride differently than J Skis. Comparing his 2 similar models to the Stinger, we see the Stinger has 12mm of camber compared to J's 3mm. This is why we have one of the poppiest skis on the market. Camber helps push you up when you release your ollie (imagine if a trampoline could extend past flat and push you up). Our sidecut is also 18m compared to 20m and 21m. This means the Stinger will hook you into tighter turns, making it extremely nimble and quick. The Stinger is a symmetrical center mount ridden ski.

There's no doubt that HG Skis and J Skis are in the same market. While we've taken different approaches to building our skis and company, we are both looking to achieve similar goals: create a more enjoyable skiing experience, and continue to push the sport forward.

The HG Skis Fam. Photo: Cam Willis

After 4 years and only one ski, are you going to make another ski? If so what kind of ski is it going to be? (B.Quincy)

A major part of those 4 years was spent developing technologies that we can easily transfer to other types of skis. We decided a while ago that our main priority was to do one thing and do it well. The Stinger shows what we're capable of when we devote ourselves to perfecting a ski.

We have prototypes and concepts for all mountain and powder skis already. These new skis will be going into testing among our team next year, and available to the public likely for 2016/17 season. We also will be offering a rockered version of the Stinger next year in addition to the current version.

Will you guys put out the stinger in bigger sizes? Would def come if they came in and 185 or around there? (FreeVillain)

We will be offering a 186cm for the 2015/16 season.

HG's Early End Edge Tech

I'm doing maplefields breakfast sammies, nutter butters, and slim jims. Is my snack game on point? How can I level up?

Also, who picasso'd your topsheet? (grant.)

Maplefields breakfast sandwiches are gross. Add some tangy or sour flavors to diversify the palate. -jim

Phoebe Low was the artist behind this years graphic. Check her out at phoebelow.com.

Can the stinger take a pounding in the park? (JoeyDill)

In the words of the late and Great Wild Bill, you can beat on that shit all day... But seriously, yes, we have twice as thick edges and base material as most skis on the market. 4 years ago, our skis were exploding left and right, today, our riders have been hitting urban and park daily on the same pair for a year and still have all their edge.


Would you ever consider moving HG Skis and making it a west coast based company? (steezyjibber)

There is always the allure of moving west. But our roots are here on the East Coast, and we've always believed that if we can develops skis which function on the ice coast, they'll be the best ones anywhere.

Goin back to SIA this year? gettn ur own booth? you deserve it! (rorywalsh)

We will not be going to SIA this year. We want to put a heavy focus on product development and getting our skis in as many hands as possible. With all that being said, be on the look out for demo stops throughout the east and midwest.

Connor with a trucker disaster at a classic sugarbush spot. Photo: Peter Cirill

Why are you guys called HG Skis? It should be HG Ski. (Grilled.Steeze)

We ride with a ski on each foot, making it plural

How does frank have such an elaborate vocabulary? (C.DeJohn)

New Jersey has one hell of a school system.

did jerm ever get paid? (Zent33zy)

Jerm got $200 for his broken down car halfway to Utah last week!

Hunter, How do you like to have your salad tossed? (pgram15)

Caesar -Hunter

Cole not doing it. Photo: Peter Cirilli

Who does it on them the most? (Aaron_)

Definitely not Cole - Connor

What is HG skis in 4 word or less? (~~~~~~~~)

Small & Potent

What's your fav flavor of beer? (rorywalsh)


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