HEAD, a leading ski equipment manufacturer, is facing a lawsuit from Vermont Safety Developments LLC, a company part owned by the late Carl Ettlinger and David Dodge of Dodge Ski boots. The lawsuit alleges that HEAD violated the patent with the ACL-Saving Protector Binding, an innovative binding technology designed to prevent ACL injuries.

Ettlinger, a respected figure in sports injury prevention, dedicated his life to creating groundbreaking solutions to protect athletes from ACL injuries. His company recently filed a lawsuit accusing HEAD of infringing upon their patented technology.

The focus of the dispute is the the supposed violation of the VSD owned patent entitled "Knee-Friendly Ski Binding" and assigned serial number 60/836,454 by the Head/Tyrolia Protector Binding. The VSD patents dates to August 8, 2006. The lawsuit claims that HEAD incorporated Ettlinger's technology into their product line without proper authorization, thereby infringing on the company's intellectual property rights.

ACL injuries have significant implications for athletes, leading to extensive medical treatment, lengthy rehabilitation, and potential long-term damage. Ettlinger's innovation aimed to mitigate these risks and enhance athlete safety.

HEAD has yet to release an official statement regarding the lawsuit, and the outcome of the legal proceedings remains uncertain. Vermont Safety Developments is seeking:

A preliminary and permanent injunction against Head's continued infringement of the Ettlinger patent

An accounting for damages

Interest and costs;

Further relief as the Court deems appropriate.

Full details of the lawsuit can be found here.