?Solid Powder? ? an award winning freeride snowboarding and ?skiing film, is about to become updated.

Solid Powder 2.0 is more than an update; it is a full-length movie that will become the second release in the Solid Powder - saga. Like its predecessor, the film is absolutely free of charge with no catches or hidden liabilities to it. Filmed for the most part in Scandinavia, it will provide a breath of fresh air into the mix of existing videos as it will showcase many riders and locations never seen before on film. In addition to new riders and locations, 2.0 will introduce stunning after effects and electrifying camera angles. 30-minutes of heart pounding action are packed with underground - hip hop and - rock tracks, which are also available as a free download.

All the action will be made available, free of charge of course, through http://www.solidpowder.com on the following release dates:

-Solid Powder 2.0 Part I Monday, 27th October

-Solid Powder 2.0 Part II Monday 3rd November

-Solid Powder 2.0 Part III Monday 10th November (VCD formats)

The download will be available in four different formats: high- and low resolution Divx as well as NTSC- and PAL VCD.