Lots of people have HDTVs now. If you have an HDTV and have watched actual HD content on it you know how much it sucks to watch SD. This makes me want to have ski movies in HD.

The only company that really seems to be doing anything with HD is Level 1. As far as I know they're the only company that even distributes their movies in HD. With Shanghai Six they offered an HD download to anyone that bought the DVD. Did they do this with Long Story Short and are they doing it with Real Time? Honestly, I don't want the movie on DVD. The trailer looked AMAZING on my projector at 720p. Way better than any of my DVDs look.

Right now you can download and watch Long Story Short and Shanghai Six in HD on the Xbox Live Video Marketplace. Unfortunately they're just rentals and after you watch them once you only get 24 hours to watch them as many times as you want. This is an awesome way to distribute most movies, because with most movies you don't really want to watch them again. Ski movies are completely different. Most of us watch ski movies over and over and over to a point where we have the entire movies memorized. I still watch 1242 and Propaganda even though they're old.

The problem with downloading things is that they're very easy to copy and distribute. Its possible for larger companies like Paramount, Disney, etc. to protect their movies because they have whole sections of their companies dedicated to stopping piracy but (as far as I know) the relatively small action sports industry doesn't have the same access to this technology. Another solution would be either of the high def disc formats but since they seem to be fairly even I don't feel like either will win and the convenience of online downloading will prevail.

Basically, I'm wondering if anybody companies are planning on releasing HD content and if they are how are they doing it, and if they aren't what is stopping you?