In what Gus is calling his last hurrah in the Olympic arena, he will be representing his birth nation of Great Britain at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Talking with NBC Sports, Gus cited honoring his British mother as his main reason but also, a "path of less resistance" towards the goal of qualifying.

"I feel like these are going to be my last Olympic Games for sure. I just wanted to do it for my mom,” he said. “She’s held up the American flag for me for two Games now, and I would love to be able to hold up the British flag for her for one.

“This gives me an advantage in terms of qualifying and having less to worry about, less people I’m up against, just being able to focus on the tricks that I want to be working on, the runs that I want to do, put me in the best position to hopefully get another medal and not have to kill my body trying to qualify in multiple disciplines right before the Games against the U.S. guys.”

In 2014, Gus was apart of the US podium sweep in slopestyle, claiming silver, and in 2018 he was battered and bruised while claiming 12th in the final field. He will be looking to qualify in all 3 of the disciplines offered at the 2022 Games: slopestyle, halfpipe, & big air, which is new to skiers for 2022.