There are a number of good sources for info on Colorado mountains and resorts (like this site, it’s kinda the whole point), but for the best descriptions of each resort you have to check out Skiing It may seem a bit self deprecating since I’ve done the same thing here on SlopeSource, but the point of SlopeSource is to get you the best info on Colorado snow sports and in this case, Skiing’s got it.  Their extensive reviews include input on the best runs, runs that are off the beaten path, where to go on a powder day, park and pipe, backcountry access, weather, nightlife, food and lodging.  For a quick synopsis of a mountain you’ve never been to before, or even just a new tip on a run or bar at a resort you’ve been to 100 times, these pages are really nice.  Well played Skiing!

Note:  Be sure to click on the “Read Full Review” link to see the full report and all the details.