Wild times.  I can't remember everything so I'll just list some notable moments.  skinny dipping at Nancy Greene, Cassidy's mom, champagne in the beer bong and the beer stick, sun rise on top of the drug store, munnler, BVG swimming in the creek, casual sunday, fireworks sunday, rowdy sunday, ropeswing, getting naked multiple times, cake fight, the binders!, cops, rigs.  Claire and Ryan got me an amazing lava lamp, I'm stoked!

here's some pictures and video captured by my gopro on grad friday!

*video contains some mild nudity*

skinny dipping. from Jeff Amantea on Vimeo.

Grad Porno.
Shortly before getting kicked out of school for not wearing enough clothes.
hello Colin and Ty
Grad Urinating.
Binder, Josh, Chief, and Scotty
Grad Crying with Dani
Grad Crying with Marsh
Grad Cheetahskin Bra
Grand March.