God damn, skiing is predictable. Yes its teaser time again, all the kids are in a frenzy looking at the new teasers hitting the net, and as sure as shit, MSP squirted out yet another steaming hot puddle of excrement just like ever other year, launching a multi page debate about how their movies suck.

God damn, skiing is predictable. I know in advance what everyone is going to say in response to this here little blog. I wont even bother wasting my time calling out the various responses, but you know I know. I’ve heard it all before.

Well, strike that. I’ll elaborate on one probable response, but only because it was brought to my attention in a private message conversation with a particular MSP lover who shares a zip code with them.

Its this whole “grandiose skiing cinematography” thing that I laugh about. This MSP lover told me: “I am just sick of kids not appreciating good skiing and amazing cinematography”

Let me break my response down into two parts:

1. I see “good” in every other major ski movie that comes out every year.

2. If you want to see amazing cinematography, head on over to netfix.com and rent the fucking Lord Of The Rings.

There is nothing amazing about sunset heli chase shoots in super slow motion. Give any asshole excessive heli budget, a super sixteen, and some nice soft light, and they will make it happen.

Its not hard.