There's only a few days left to have a chance at snagging a cool $1,000 this month, courtesy of GoPro! Don't fret if you haven't been able to film the line of your life quite yet though. With 4 more monthly $1k winnings and a grand prize of $20,000 still up for grabs, we can't wait to see the gnarly lines you guys throw down!

Our very own Mr. Bishop is helping to judge all of your entries alongside GoPro editing maestro Abe Kislevitz, & Nick Hamilton from Transworld Snow.

Only raw, unedited clips will be consider as viable entries! The judges will also be looking at the following criteria:

Cinematography + Composition — 25%

Perspective and Degree of Shooting Difficulty — 25%

Performance + Style — 25%

Overall Beauty + Lighting — 25%

Good luck and fuckin' send it people!

Full details, judging criteria and official rules here.