The first sunset session and course check at the Suzuki Nine Knights presented by GoPro has set the tone for a mind-blowing freeski event in Livigno, Italy. The meticulously shaped castle captivated the riders as they explored the different transfer options and features. “I was not sure how they could top the features of last years castle, and then I got up there and saw it, I was blown away,” affirmed Nicky Keefer (USA). See for yourselves, as the riders are getting creative in the GoPro Course Check Video.

(pic: Event director, Nico Zacek, always smiling)

The immense castle setup, hand crafted by the Schneestern crew, immediately became a playground for the skiers.Jesper Tjäder (SWE) took a few test runs through the halfpipe with a mischievous switch front flip and a hand plant in the quarter pipe before serving up a clean 630 on 270 disaster off on the down flat down rail.

(Pic: David Wise)

(Pic: Kai Mahler)

"There are a million different transfers. Transfers from the quarter pipe, transfers from the half pipe, transfers from the kicker out of the half pipe to the jump landings, transfers from the jump into the half pipe. We have an amazing amount of options," explains David Wise (USA). Check out the GoPro angle of his switch backflip on the 28m kicker. Nicky Keefer (USA) warmed up the transfer kicker standing tall in the middle of the pipe, stomping a super stylish Cork 540 onto the big kicker landing. Kai Mahler (SUI) also sampled the transfer kicker landing on the wall of the huge pipe extension. Seeing these stomped transfers, the rest of the skiers began pointing and claiming their lines for the rest of the week. It seems the multitude of options has something for every style of skier.

(Pic: Nicky Keefer)