On Aug 14th we had our first ever Iron Mountain Rail Jam.

The rail jam was a part of our 5th annual Summer Snow Day event.

We are still counting up numbers, but had well over 2,000 people in attendance this year.

The event features, live music, free beer, snowbeast comp, kids zone, food trucks, etc.

We even had a local dairy bring free chocolate milk!

Typically we have an open session on our summer setup, but this year we decided to host a rail jam!

We had over 60 competitors turn out, and actually had to shut down pre registration!

Our Iron Mountain was packed to full capacity! We had some riders coming from as far as 7 hours away!

We had some hiccups with 95° weather and a week of rain before the event, so the snow we collected was mostly dissipated.

Riders were generous enough to make the best of it and we still had some great tricks go down.

First place was George Brown who went home with $500 and brand new skis

Second place was Shane Earhart who got $200 and brand new skis

Third place was Ryan Meyer who got $250 and swag

(Snowboard prizes were same for podium, just snowboards instead of skis)

We gave out over 10k in prizes and cash total.

For a summer setup, riders certainty didn't hold back!

We saw everything from two pretz twos. Two on, continuing swap, continuing two off. Front three swap, continuing two off. 4 on, continuing 4 off, on the box.

We even had some switch hits, which can be intimidating on the summer setup.


We did Ski qualifiers and Snowboard qualifiers and we took top 10 of each category through to finals.

We switched the features out in between qualifiers and finals so there was more variety.

Features used, were half our own Iron Mountain features, as well as some borrowed from Montage Mountain.

After the Rail Jam and Awards we opened the setup back up for open session. The little snow we had was long melted by then, so the landing area was a bit rough to ride out. Team riders joined in on the fun and some, more tricks went down.

Here's some random shots from open sesh. Courtesy of Ryan Meyer's Iphone

https://www.newschoolers.com/videos/watch/1008976/RAIL-JAMOverall we couldn't be more stoked with the Rail Jam and look forward to doing it again next year!

Seriously huge thanks to everyone who came out to the event or competed! We genuinely appreciate the support.

As a part of the event this year, we also dropped our new lineup live at the event. We had our founder/ co-owner Nick Gilson talk about some of the changes and updates.

The new lineup can be seen at our website [URL]http://www.gilsonskis.co[/URL]m

Big thanks to sponsors of the rail jam. Blackstrap, Candygrind, Blenders, Montage Mountain, and Union Bindings.