With the Giants and

Vikings game now moved from Sunday afternoon to Monday night, that opens up a

lot of questions about TV, where to watch the game, etc.   At least

most of those questions have been answered:

Great news for superbowl jackets Brett

Favre, who gets another day to rest his weary body and attempt to keep his

starting streak alive. Bad news for the Giants, who now have one less day to

prepare for the Eagles next weekend in a game that will have major implications

on the NFC East.

Giants-Vikings will

be played Monday night at 8:00 PM ET on FOX 5 in the New York metropolitan area. The game will

also air on the FOX affiliate in the Minneapolis/St.

Paul metropolitan area, according to Nancy Gay of FOXSports.com. It is

unknown exactly Chicago Blackhawks Jerseys how

many affiliates (Philadelphia?

Upstate?) will receive the game, or if a national network or NFL

Sunday Ticket will pick up the game. For now, however, new era

hats if

you live in this area, you’ll be able to see the game.

The biggest loser in

all of those? The American Country Awards, which will be broadcast live on FOX

in every other market and now miss out on the precious, precious NYC market. Then

again, I guess it depends who you'd rather spend the night with...Trace Adkins

or Brett Favre.