Lately I have been pushing my workouts a little more, used the trampoline more, and generally trying to keep my body in action to get ready for another 6 months of skiing. My latest addition to my play-yard at home is this boxing-bag. Thanks to the guys at Fightline, I now got a pair of boxing gloves too!

I think the best way to get in shape is to be active in many ways. In my case that´s trampoline, working out at the gym, boxing, diving, running and cycling. AS lomng as you keep your body active, the body will respond to you, by beeing more mobile in the future.

I had my night of work last night at the nightclub, and after work I stumbled across some other dj here in Lillehammer, who happend to be taking his bycycle to get home. I joined him, and ended up cycling 15 km uphill to get home, at 5 am this morning. That didn´t stop me from working out this morning though.  Both in the gym and boxing.

What kind of training have you been doing lately? Do you work out or excercise at all for skiing? Many people don´t.