It's currently 6:13 am. I've been up since 5:05 am. Utah has been getting some long awaited snow fall and the people are hungry. Were in the midst of a series of storms and the good people up Little Cottonwood Canyon are needing to do some avalanche maintenance. When this happens they have scheduled road closures that can keep you out of the canyon for hours and hours, unless you're already up there. I like the idea of being stuck where you want to be, as opposed to being stuck outside of where you're wanting to go. So here I am, with a good deal of other early bird locals, ready to get our worm. You can hear Pink Floyd playing in the background, the room is filled with ski stories, any of which you can eavesdrop. I'm surrounded by all sorts of different people, but we're all here with one common goal, to go home at the end of the day with a good story to share with our friends. It's infectious. And I guess that is the reason I'm here.