The 2015/2016 season is now history. As our hills closed Sunday March 27th, we couldn't help but think back to what a great season it was as a crew. Instead of dropping a season recap as a video, we decided to recap the season through an article, check out what we did this year and all the fun we had.

October 20th 2015

We started off the season at the Toronto Snow Show Rail Jam. Stephen, Jack and Mark all competed. Mark ended up winning the entire event, taking the win in the Best Trick and Winning the Pro Rail Jam. Check out the recap.

January 2nd 2016

The next section of the season was pre-season, MSLM does a great job at throwing together junkyard in the early months of winter. The features aren't the biggest, but we were definitely able to throw down.

January 10th 2016

Filming for episode 1 was difficult, lack of snow only allowed us to film a bit of pre-season at Muskoka Ski Club and at Dagmar.

January 20th 2016

How Much a Lift Pass Really Cost was filmed at Glen Eden when they setup their preseason park. January was so warm that most parks were still in pre-season mode. feat. Jack, Max and Stephen

January 22nd 2016

This was hilarious. We finally got a huge amount of snow in Huntsville and we hit a few urban spots before doing this. Apparently the police were called on us and the reaction from the community was priceless.

Later that day on January 22nd, 2016

This was the scariest thing I (sdrvper) and a lot of us have witnessed. We had hit 2 other urban spots before coming across this big closeout that we weren't sure about. Joey started off behind the lens and it was his turn. He managed to stomp the rail on his 2nd try but being the dedicated man he is wasn't completely satisfied with his shot. 2 more tries and this happened, ending his season.

January 24th 2016

Timber Tour at the Muskoka Ski Club. Alex and Mark took over the podium snagging first and second in U18.

January 27th 2016 Stephen got the chance to host his first mini event. The 60 for 60 edit competition following the Muskoka ski Club Timber Tour. It was awesome to get a few groups of skiers to put in edits, here is the Newschoolers winning edit from Alex Dube and James Eydt. Full recap:

February 17th 2016

"We Still Here" GUOH episode 1.5 came out of no where. We hadn't dropped an edit in a month and we wanted to drop something fire. Got together with a pretty good squad at MSLM for an afternoon, filmed this, and got great response from it.

Big thanks to SBC skier for reaching out to us.

March 10th 2016

Mark and Stephen have wanted to drop a "brother" edit for a while. We filmed and weren't sure how to edit it but we got a really good response from everyone and we were super stoked on it!

Big thanks to forecast ski magazine for reaching out to us.

March 13th 2016

The Lifted Golden Ticket held at Blue Mountain. Always a super fun event, and this year Alex was able to take the win!

March 16th 2016

Our last episode of GUOH content for the season was this edit, a little more fun compared to the previous two edits we released and we were really excited how this one came out. 3 different resorts, 6 skiers.

March 20th 2016

Sandy Boville Invitational was a blast, its always the most fun day of the season, and the entire crew was out killing it

Stephen ended up sharing the win with these 2 other awesome dudes! (Zamblunt and Issac V)

Not to say that winners don't fail...

A final huge thank you to everyone who supported us. It was our first season doing anything serious as a crew and we are stoked about the response we got from everyone!

Thank you to Bloom Outerwear, Muskoka Ski Club, Scott Sports, Planks Clothing and Roxa Ski Boots.

All Skiers:

Stephen Draper

James Eydt

Jack Healey

Kurtis McFadden

Max Seward

Alex Dube

Mark Draper

Josh Burmeister

Ethan Murdy

Kyle Mattice

Joey Kraft

James Wallace AKA Dennis_Reynolds

James Hall

Keep up with us throughout the summer and watch out for season edits dropping over the next few weeks!

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Be on the lookout for our main man behind the lens Joey Kraft dropping his project "Somewhere in Ontario" on tuesday!

See you next season!