GoPro is the name synonymous with action cameras, especially for skiing, but Garmin has entered the arena in a big way with their latest offering; the VIRB Ultra 30. Capable of shooting in 4K at 30 FPS and boasting built-in triaxial image stabilization along with 1.75-inch LCD touchscreen, it certainly looks to be giving GoPro a run for its money. The VIRB Ultra 30 can also livestream directly to Youtube so the boys can watch you get footy as it happens. Tapping into their background with GPS tech, the VIRB Ultra has built in GPS sensors to track speed, elevation, G-Force, and other factors. In addition, the camera can controlled by voice commands such as "Garmin, start recording." which makes life much easier on the mountain. Add in a HQ mic with a waterproof housing to top it off and you have one hell of a camera.