The October addition of Transworld Snowboarding is out….and features a two page spread of LNP and Johnny Lazz in the Game of Shred at Windells, Presented by Rome SDS.  The action can be found online but what is extra unique about this advertisment, is that Tech Savy Rome used the new state of the art system: ScanLife.

In short, Scanlife provides companies with unique 2D barcodse to place in an ad, the code can be linked to any site on the WEB. In this case, Rome linked the Game of Shred Video to the 2D Code. The Bar Code can be scanned using a smart phone; apps are available for all major smart phones. Once you download the app, you simply hover the phone over the code and ScanLife does the rest!  If you haven’t noticed, a bunch of industry companies have been using this technology – so get with the times and check it out.

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