The release of "Anywhere From Here" this fall has marked our 30th consecutive year of creating ski films. 25 of those years have been alongside the legendary Scott Gaffney whose impact on Matchstick and skiing as a whole has been undeniable. You've most likely all seen a movie, or at least a few clips, that Scott created, and you'd be hard-pressed to go a single day on the hill without catching at least one reference from Gaffney's "G.N.A.R."

Today marks a new chapter for Gaffney, as he is stepping away from his role as a full-time Director, Editor, and Cinematographer with MSP. We are forever grateful for the last 25 years together. He has been a huge inspiration to us, and to countless others.

We will continue to work with Scott as we produce our annual films and are extremely excited for what this new chapter will hold.

Here are a few parting words from the boss himself.

"The time has come.

I have been making feature ski movies for 31 years now—every year of my life since I graduated from college. It recently occurred to me that—however crazy it sounds—I’ve likely been at the same game of shooting and editing ski films longer than anyone in the history of our sport aside from Warren Miller, and I’m not even sure he was hands-on in the full creative process for that long.

That’s amounted to 34 feature ski films and documentaries, 25 of which came since I joined Matchstick Productions full-time in 2000. I’ve literally been living the dream of annually traveling the world with phenomenal people and documenting some of the most iconic moments in our sport.

But as much as I have loved living in this fantasy world for the past 30+ years, the field of cinematography and filmmaking offers limitless opportunities for creativity, yet my life experiences within the job have been rather one-dimensional. The endless hours in the editing dungeon have essentially stripped me of summers with my family. And living in mountain towns isn’t cheap and I have not provided for my family nearly to the extent I should be.

I feel the winds of change. And everything must come to an end. So here it is: I am not creating a ski movie this year and I am stepping away from MSP.

I am forever indebted to Steve Winter, Murray Wais and everyone at MSP over the years for the incredible life experiences my journey with them has provided. And I shout a huge THANK YOU! to all of the remarkable athletes and dear friends for your laughs, loves and hucks. And to you ski film fans for making this job possible.

So, what’s next? I’m going to pull on my big boy pants and take that unnerving but exciting step into the unknown. I’ll likely still work on select projects with Matchstick, and I’ll continue to shoot skiing when the opportunity is there. That’s my thing. But I want to shoot and create so much more.

This change has been coming for a while now. And when I came up with a title that encapsulated our 2022 MSP movie’s theme, I was aware all along that it applied to my future, too: Anywhere From


So let’s go!"

Thank you Gaffney