I just got back from Colorado for an Orage photo shoot.  There wasn't much snow in CO but Copper had a great pipe and that's all I could really wish for in November.  When I left my place, there wasn't a snow flake on the ground and when I came back last weekend, Québec looked like it usually does in February.  It puked the whole time I was gone!  The first thing that came to my mind when I saw "winter" was GT Snow Racers!  Here are some pictures from last night.

GTing is sweet because it makes you feel like a kid, no matter how old you are.  Look at the silly smile on my face.  As you fly through the air on a GT, I guaranty you won't be thinking about what is troubling you at the time.  Flying through the air on a pair of skis, on a skateboard or practicing other sports has the same effect on most but when it is your job, even skiing, surfing, hockey, curling or darts can get to you sometimes.  I don't think GTing will ever become a professional sport (I really hope it won't) so thank God and Jah for stupid things like GTs, balsa-wood airplanes and Kendamas