When I walked out of the IF3 cinema at the end of the last movie screening my opinion was that GPSY Feelin' had got screwed. Zero awards, hell not even a single nomination and yet in my mind Cruise Control should possibly have won film of the year. It certainly wasn't just me either, I remember having discussions with some of the other film makers in attendance which boiled down to exactly that. It's a mark of the passion the GPSY crew have for their films that when I mentioned my thoughts to Leo, he gently chided me: "It's all good, we not are not making movies for a competition we just hope the people in the scene enjoyed it". Well Leo we did and we're gutted this is the last GPSY film. But we wish you all the best with your future ventures boys!

Where was the movie filmed?

Leo: We filmed most of the movie in France but at the beginning of winter, the snow condition were pretty bad so we all moved to Japan to get powder. It was the first time we all travelled together and first time for everybody in Japan. Over there it was so crazy deep, we'd never seen anything like it!

Tell me a bit about the guys who do the filming? How long does the edit take?

Yann and Jeremy are the filmers and they live for that project! After the winter, we all go on holiday around the world Yann and Jeremy stay in France to edit the movie. They spend around two months on it moving between Paris and Alps to cut the film and also get the soundtrack mixed perfectly.

Japan vibes...

Do you guys get much support from sponsors to pay for trips?

For the support, every year is the same. At the beginning of season, every brand says "yes sure guys, we're going to help you". So we are pretty confident and like, "OK this year is the year, everybody is backing us we can do some trips, film the movie and maybe a little bit of extra budget at the end for life". But during the winter, all the plans with the brands change, so we do it with what we got . It's never the initial plan!

So what's happening this winter with GPSY?

This movie Cruise Control is our last one, so that road is over for now.

The urban shots are something else too...

Damn, I loved the films. I have to ask why? What are your plans for the winter then? What about the other skiers and filmers?

After working together for 8 years, it was hard to keep the same energy together, so before we started this movie we decided it would be the last. So we're all taking different roads with different projects. I'm going to do a web series with GOPRO, Julien Lange is doing a project with the GPSY filmers Yann and Jeremy. Flo Bastien is shooting with Black Crows and the two swiss (Laurent Demartin and Alex Chabot) are starting a new project in Switzerland, so it's a good mix. But we're gonna keep in touch and give each other help on the different projects!

Is there anything you want to say to the NS community?

GPSY means Good People Stay Young, people should know that! We did 6 movies before, it was awesome to see the the respect we got from the Newschoolers community. They inspired and motivated us during all those years. Big thanks to Newshoolers!

Stay young!