Basically it's a bike lock that you can anchor down to your car. Spoiler alert: it's a mind-blowingly stupid idea.

For those of you who don't use a bike as transportation, you need a bike lock in areas like SLC because there's a high percentage that someone will steal your shit. Ask anyone who has lived here and they will tell you that there are too many Mexicans... just kidding?

For those of you who do use a bike as transportation but don't like their shit getting stolen, you'll notice a few things about this device that, in the words of KSL News, "could change the way bicycle owners secure their rides".

1. The cable attaching the hockey puck to the bike is a cable can be cut... very easily... by anyone with 15 bucks, a home depot and half a brain. "Just spice up the cable bro, or like make it a chain" I know some of you idiot children will suggest and I will reply, "No, my little retards. You still have to close a car door for it to work".

2.At least you don't have to worry about where you put the key to your bike lock ever again because with this nifty device, all you need is your CAR. You can only secure your bike WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR CAR WITH YOU. That's right, your bike is safe wherever your CAR IS AND NO WHERE ELSE. Well fuck me then, I better just use MY FUCKING CAR INSTEAD OF GETTING MY SHIT STOLEN AGAIN. "Hey honey, I'm taking the bike into work again. Can you find my piece-of-shit, hockey puck tampon while I load my bike into my fucking car?"

“We were brainstorming, the three of us, and realized there was a problem that needed to be fixed,” Tribett said.

Yeah, Trebeck, there is a problem that needs to be fixed and it aint bike locks that already work.

Leave it to a Mormon to create a bike lock that needs a car to work.

Mormon invention #28904