We regret to inform everyone that after months of dispute and changes within our financial situation GIV will not be able to distribute it's Technical Outerwear for the coming winter 07-08 season. After almost quitting and nearly losing the brand, we decided instead to push forward with the ideas and resources we had. We are going to keep the brand independent and on our own terms so that everything we do stays true to our original goal of creating a brand that really is about giving back to the people, the sports, and the environment that has helped us to be here.We would like to apologize publicly to the shops and riders that supported us as we will not be shipping out any of our technical outerwear.At the same time, we want to let everyone know that GIV is not going to disappear but will be growing in the coming year. With the travelers collection, cut n sew products, and our graphic tees and hoodies, things will only get bigger and stronger. These products will begin arriving in stores this season at select retailers.For more info read the GIV BLOG or check the products out at http://www.givbrand.com.Peter Benedicto and Mark RomneyGIV ManagementEthos Distribution LLC.