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The Newschoolers 2017 - 2018 Gear Guide


All photos by Grant Whitty

The rumored Full Tilt pin boot has yet to appear in the line-up so changes are kept to a minimum. But the Drop Kick, the dream combo of original shell and wrap liner is still in the line so it's all looking good for us.



The Soul shell has a 9mm last width (the same as the original 3-piece design). The toe box is roomier, giving your toes space to breathe, and the shell comes with a replaceable toe piece to keep you in service despite running through the parking lot all season.


The Original, (aka the Original 3-piece shell) continues to provide the same comfort and performance we've always relied on with FT.


Designed for those with wider feet, the Evolution shell allows riders to ride in comfort without sacrificing performance.



The pro liners are specifically engineered to transfer energy to provide the most energy transfer to shell while maintaining warmth in a lightweight and custom moldable fit.


The Performance Liner's laminates are specifically engineered to be our lightest weight liner for increased maneuverability while maintaining its warmth and custom moldable fit.


The Classic Liner's laminates are a multi-layered construction in a traditional tongue liner, designed to provide in the targeted comfort and performance in a familiar way.

The Boots

B&E Pro

Henrik Harlaut & Phil Casabon Pro Model

Evolution Shell & Pro Liner

6 Flex

Tom Wallisch Pro

Soul Shell & Pro Liner

6 Flex

Drop Kick

Original Shell & Performer Liner

6 Flex

First Chair 10

Soul Shell - Pro Liner

10 Flex

First Chair 8

Soul Shell - Pro Liner

All Terrain, 8 Flex

First Chair 6

Soul Shell & Performer Liner

6 Flex

Descendant 6

High Performance in a mid-flex package

Evolution Shell & Performer Liner

6 Flex

Descendant 8

When Comfort & Performance Matters

Evolution Shell & Pro Liner

8 Flex


Soul Sister

Soul Shell & Pro Liner

6 Flex


Original Shell & Classic Liner

4 Flex

Plush 6

Evolution Shell & Performer Liner

6 Flex

Plush 4

Evolution Shell & Classic Liner

4 Flex