Pep's log, earth date: Friday, Nov. 13th 2009For some reason this season has been speculated to be a grand one, especially for the northwest because of this little elusive weather pattern called El Niño...for those of you who don't know a lick of Spanish that translates into... the boy. I think I've heard rumors of this boy making an appearance for many years but this year, I am a believer. This little boy has been brewing some serious storms with the most precipitation dropping in the Northwest! Baker opened with an 80in base on Nov. 12th. Eight - Zero - That's 7 feet ladies and gentleman needs to be written in the history books. I can remember growing up in Southern Oregon and not expecting one single flake until after my birthday Nov. 22nd. Now we have 80in. bases before the 22nd. WOW! people, that is exciting! So, if this storm system is still El Niño, then what kind of tempest do you think El Hombre could produce. I am content with what El Niño has provided thus far but I can't help to wonder and dream about El Hombre.