Fresh Meat! Meathead Films unveils the new trailer and websiteMarinated, grilled and sliced just the way you like it… the new is here for you to enjoy… A new era for the Eastern ski film company has begun with the release of the newly redesigned, reformatted, reworked, redone, rethought, recoded, fully realized and remarkable website. On the site you will find tons of new content, photos, videos, athlete profiles, and of course, the much anticipated trailer for the upcoming movie release, Snow Gods. Also make sure to check out the new store, Super Fans section, Meat of Week video clip, and read about what’s going on with the Meatheads in the featured articles.The best thing about the new site is that it will be updated much more often. New content will be added frequently and the Meat of Week clip will change every… you guessed it, seven days.So come on over and scope it out. It’s fresh meat, cooked up especially for you!