"Breaker Breaker 10-4. We've got a 187. Get a body bag on the scene because freeskiing is dead."

You didn't hear it? Freeskiing is dead! Find out who's killed it in Yellow Snow Productions' "Super!" Just like the game of Clue, this film offers unusual suspects whom you will come to know and love. Whodunnit? Was it Corey Vanular in Vermont with the pipe? Or was it Dan Marion throwing it off the deck in Tignes? The steezey nature of the crime leads one to believe it was done by the following suspects:

J.P. Solberg

Alex Balsen

Dan Marion

Chas Watters

Tanner Rainville

Taylor Felton

Corey Vanular

Matt Philippi

Pat Waite

Seth Gallant

Henrik Lampert

Banks Gilberti

Dan Kiesel

Silas Miller

John Spriggs

TJ Schiller

Will Brown

Dylan Hood

Ryan Mcpherson

In this case you are the jury. Review evidence gathered from the mountains of Colorado to the streets of Boston. Determine who killed it by purchasing Yellow Snow Productions' "Super!" This film is available on the internet at http://www.yspfilms.com and in your local ski shop. If not in stock please ask your retailer to carry Yellow Snow Productions merchandise. Freeskiing is Dead. Now pay your respects and order "Super!"

Soundtrack featuring music from New Order, Book of Love, Ima Robot, Depeche Mode, Hieroglyphics, Crowded House, Pet Shop Boys, and Cunninlynguists.