Cover Photo: Christoffer Sjostrom/FWT

Despite some questionable light conditions, today saw another insane spectacle on the Bec Des Rosses. The whole Freeride World Tour is insane, that goes without saying, but there is still nothing that compares with what goes down in the final event of the tour each season. FWT judging is more or less a mystery to me but if Olympic Slopestyle was controversial, this was definitely the equivalent freeride controversy. It seemed like absolute perfection was again being rewarded over progression, which makes even less sense to me on the freeride side than in slope. Apparently tricks are for kids not for the judges but Mikael did crush his run so who knows. That said, what an event, it's well worth watching the full replay at the link below for some of the craziest riding you'll see all year:


Men's Highlights:

- Mikael Bimboes: Fast, fluid, clean and big... the trademark FWT tour run. Ultimately the winner much to his apparent surprise.

- Markus Eder - Technical line up top, a nice left 360 in the middle and an insane nosebutter 3 off one of the bigger cliffs of the day at the bottom. Should have finished first in my books because that is such a high risk trick.

- Leo Slemmet: Clean run, 360 in the middle of the central couloir, huge backie at the bottom

- Yann Rausis: Huge air up top, even more insane air in the middle, perhaps less fluid than Mikael but went the biggest of the day.

- Craig Murray - Two massive 360s, one up top off Yann's first hit and then one in the middle section off an even bigger hit. Possibly slightly sketchy on the second of the two and it's only good enough for second but another incredible run.


1. Mikael Bimboes

2. Craig Murray

3. Markus Eder


Women's Highlights:

- Arianna Tricomi: Slayed a fluid line down the fall line from the start gate with several medium sized airs. As the tour leader the pressure was on but she shrugged it off, taking the win on the day and the overall tour win to boot.

- Eva Walkner: As the only rider who could knock Arianna off the overall top spot, Eva put it all on the line and had the gnarliest run of the day. Unfortunately a couple of bobbles meant she had to settle for third on the day but it was a great line choice.

- Lorraine Huber: Another bigger line but not as many hits or as clean on Arianna. Second place.


1. Arianna Tricomi

2. Eva Walkner

3. Lorraine Huber