I consume a lot of ski content on a daily basis, and I quickly forget what I've watched a couple of days earlier, due to the absurd amount of skiing that gets uploaded to the Internet every day. That's why I decided to compile my favorite videos from the past week and share them with you guys. Here's FredyFerl's Picks of the Week #2.


Lakeridge's rail setup looks really fun, and Geoff Lovelace's skiing is always clean.


A Few Days With Quinn

The first time I've seen an edit from Quinn Wolferman was last spring, and I have to say that his stuff always delivers. I really dig his style and the fact that he can do a lot of tricks both ways.


Butter 180 - Switch Frontflip

Bård Smukkestad brings us a NBD.


Bail | Eric Chenard

RIP Eric's balls.


Double Eject

I don't know what I prefer, the double eject or the way that guy sets up his frontflip.


Flip The Script - Street Disciple

Ahmet Dadali truly is a street disciple, as he brings us a bit more than three minutes of street footage (and a couple of backcountry shots) only within the first few months of the season. The last two shots reminded me how good Ahmet is at kinked rails, and how he can hit some pretty scary features.


Cody Potter at Keystone

Cody Potter's a magician on rails. You may recognize him from the Dalbello Jam Session Contest, where he did a front 3 swap pretzel 270 out on a DFD. Cody killed Keystone's rails, but I wasn't ready for his hammer at 1:12.


First Ever 69-FLIP!

This is just too funny, but as it's been said, there's no way they rode away from it.


Hypnosis // Matt Kaye

Not too sure about this guy's arms, but there's a lot of solid tricks in that edit, and I'm a big fan of Trollhaugen. This place looks like too much fun.


Tabarnak Pack "Starting From Scratch"

The Tabarnak Pack is back with their first episode of Season 2. As usual, 90% of the skiing is performed by Dom Laporte, who blew my mind at 3:26 with that switch-up transfer into the famous down-flat rail at Mount Royal. The skiing delivered, but I have to say that two minutes of interviews is too much for a five minute episode.