What up! Sunshine and spring weather has been on tap here in the Alps. I got around to a few different resorts in the past week…Chatel, and Tignes. Chatel was really fun, we had around 12-15 inches of fresh and found tons of natural terrain to jump. Tignes, a high alpine resort had even more snow, and it stayed fresh for the 4 days we spent there. I have done very well in a few contests in Tignes before so being back to this resort was so fun. We skied a bunch of fun smaller lines in the resort, and then built some jumps that were so fun, and we could just lap them from the chairlift…the best part about euro resorts! Before any of us would drop a crowd of about 40 plus tourists would just be there watching and cheering, so cool to see people really stoked on what we are doing.

After those few amazing days in Tignes we haeaded back to Chamonix and went up the Aiguille du Midi Tram that sets you off just a bit shy of the Mt Blanc summit, the biggest Mtn in Europe. The Tram ride up will test your nervs, the tram was built a long time ago and at one point it must be a few thousand feet off the ground. From there our guide took us down trough the glaciers, and found us a nice cravasse gap, that was I think the most scared I have been hitting a jump in a while. After hitting the gap a few times we made our way down the glacier and back to town..can’t really think of a better way to finish up being in France.

I’m now off to Laax, Switzerland to compete in the european Open. Hope the weather holds, and I can make some $$$$!!!