Cam Pierce, Stevie Bell, Mario Kappeli, Niko Cioffi, and Austen Sweetin pretend to be scared at The Streets.

Last week, Forum Snowboards and Seven Springs Resort in Pennsylvania held the grand opening of The Streets, their new collaborative park at the base of the resort. Like the name implies, The Streets is a hikable terrain park filled with street features. Close out rails, ledges, planters that ride like flat boxes, wall rides, pole jams, and more, take their inspiration from real, urban features. Everything was designed and built with legitimacy and fun in mind, from the mind-blowing, large-as-life design of the “buildings” with attached stairsets, to the details in how the features look, their size, and how they can be ridden.

Austen Sweetin grabs a rake to help out the park crew.

Joel Rerko, Director of Action Sports at Seven Springs, and his crew, which includes a ton of Windells former staff members, including Jeremy Anderson and Jordan Soohy, worked for months building the features, putting them on the hill, and shaping snow for takeoffs and landings. The results are impressive, to say the least. When you walk into the streets, the largest features on looker’s right are huge and look like they would easily blend into any real city. As you move to the left of the park, intermediate features populate the park. A double sided flatbox functions as a planter and near the top of the park is a small, intro “hubba,” with a down rail and ledge.

Filmer Tyler Malay and Stevie hang out inside. Tyler was at the opening of The Streets to film an edit for TWSnow. Check out his edit here.

A good crew from the Forum Team flew in for the Grand Opening and it just happened to be the whole crew that is coming to camp this coming summer! Stevie Bell, Niko Cioffi, Austen Sweetin, Cam Pierce, and Nic Sauve will be out at Windells for Sessions 4 and 5–Stevie hosting a Team Takeover Week for The Reunion, along with Nick Visconti, Jason Robinson, and Curtis Woodman, and the rest of the crew taking over Session 5, along with some of the Gremlinz.

Pat Moore and Mario Kappeli were also at The Streets, hopefully they will get to come visit camp this summer, too!

If you live near Seven Springs, go check out The Streets asap! You’ll be so stoked on how fun all of the features are, and we guarantee that you will learn a ton being able to ride such awesome street-style features. We expect a ton of new tricks from all of our Pennsylvania campers this coming summer, we can’t wait!

Until then, check out some photos from the opening of The Streets. All of the guys were killing it on the set up. Thank you so much Forum and Seven Springs for making such an incredible park!

Cam Pierce in between drops.
Niko dropping into the wallride, during the grand opening of The Streets–excited crowds getting ready to drop and hiking back up all around.
Cam 270 on, Nic in the background, and Forum filmer Kurt Heine getting the follow-cam shot.
Nic Sauve throwing out some Forum gear to the stoked crowd waiting to enter The Streets. Nic is coming to camp for the first time ever during Session 5!
Niko backlip on the downrail.

For more on The Streets, check out Tyler Malay’s video on Transworld and some more photos on BNQT!

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