Over the past couple of weeks, the hardest working urban crew in the game has been dropping the Side-B edits from their latest film venture, For Lack of Better. As Clayton put it so well, "Documentaries are great, but full parts are necessary." As expected, the 3 edits from Cam, Clayton, and Seany J did not disappoint.


Dropping 4 stories off a parking garage is just another day at work for Cam Riley. Absolutely bonkers is one way to describe this clip.


I mean this 100% when I say this; no one goes bigger than Cam. If you have watched any of his past segments you will agree with me. His Side-B edit does not disappoint. Hornbeck describes this segment perfectly, "that shit was $$$$$. gnarly".


While he was hurt for quite a bit of last winter, Clayton still managed to put together a banging part that some some are saying rivals his segment in Mutiny. The man is a savage year in and year out.


Last but certainly not least, Seany J's Side-B edit rounds of the very stacked crew from For Lack of Better. Revisiting some spots we saw in Mutiny, Sean puts on a show with his signature steeze and urban prowess. Some weird, VHS-style clips mixed with interesting music makes for one hell of a segment.

Which segment of the 3 was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Want to see the whole movie? Buy here: ns.ski/ForLackofBetter