Hello everyone! Witt Foster here checkin in.I hope your all finding ways to keep

busy and have fun while you wait for the snow to fall. Out here in Utah, myself

and fellow Jibij riders Jeffrey Alan Kiesel and lil' John Paul

Strenio decided to go on a little fishing trip, along with my excellent roommate

Ryan West. We drove to Nevada to meet up with Ryan's father Dan.

We stayed at their family cabin for a few days, and went fishing for some large

mouth bass in the ruby marshes. Jeff hated touching the fish, LJ was a video

nerd the whole time, and Ryan and his dad were clearly better at fishing than

all of us (except maybe LJ he was pretty good too.) I would also like to add

that even though I suck at fishing I still caught the two biggest fish of the

trip (CLAIM). LJ lugged his camera along the whole time, but he made a pretty

awesome edit in the end. At any rate we all had a super fun weekend and we hope

you enjoy the edit!

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