Today was a great day! Since I got my bag from Denver airport yesterday, I was ready to rock this morning. A little windy and grey at first, but then the sun came through, and the first part of the day was a powder-dream.

A lot of snow has fallen the last two days, and the powder-hounds were up an at it early today. Including me and Halvard Thon.


Rocking my new gear. Salomon Suspect 2012 and the good-looking Salomon SPK Pro 2012


Halvard Thon and myself. First chair up at 0900 am.


Why the sad face? Well. First of, park was closed, due to serious amounts of snow. 50-60 cm. I wanted to ski park!!


After a few juicy laps down the backcountry in the pow, me an Halvard went down to our ski-out-ski-in appartement for lunch.

Park was open when we got up, and we teamed up with team-trouble. Kim Boberg and his girlfriend Anja in the place to be! Breck park-lane.


Ever heard of PP? Powder-park? It´s the newest shit.


Cool sign on top of the park.


Me and Halvard followed each-other around in the park with my Contour camera all day. Didn´t get tons of bangers, but a few cool shots from my first day skiing here. Watch out for a mini-jump/rail-edit soon!

Mr.Hamre doing a super-kfed!