Little Cottonwood Canyon is home to the legendary Chad's Gap - a 120 foot booter hidden away in the Wasatch mountains. This year Utah's winter has gotten off to a rocky start, but the recent storm last weekend brought in over a foot of fresh snow. This covered up the majority of the dirt landing on Chad's, making it possible to build a jump and (safely) land.

Brad Bulzan teamed up with a crew of snowboarders to session Chad's Gap, making him the first skier to send it over the 120 foot void this season. "It was an awesome opportunity to be the only skier to link up with a big snowboard crew like Absinthe Films to make it happen and let me be a part of their shred! Thanks Majesty Skis for always supporting me!"

While no instant-gratification video currently exists of his send, I can confirm he stomped a stylish flat 3. Rad times are rolling in the low tide out there. Who will hit Chad's next?