Off Trail Productions is pleased to present you with a nice little preview of our Fall 2004 release of First Light. We are based out of Salt Lake City/Park City, UT, and have been working with a whole new field of riders for you to follow, so get ready to see the hot shit from the riders of the future, this fall, in First Light. Our cast of skiers includes Brandon Becker, Brent Neill, Ashley Battersby, Austin Ramaley, Max and Tosh Peters, Laurent Favre, Stephan Thomas, Scott Havens, John Symms, Al Lanning, Blake Nyman plus many more. Thanks to everyone for their support, buy our movie this fall and you'll be in for a treat! An XXL sized thanks to NinthWard Skis and Siver Cartel! Check out our website in a couple weeks when it should be updated, and keep an eye out for more footage, news, and a end-of-summer trailer from Off Trail Productions, and until then we hope that our trailer makes you happy!


-Off Trail Productions-

Justin Loeloff

Brent Neill