Welcome Welcome Welcome. Here we are NS.com, my first blog entry on NS! Here's a little bit of news on what'll be going on in this space:1) Behind the scenes info on stories I'll be working on for the site.2) extra info on stories posted on the site (drinking, industry gossip, my experiences, etc)3) My personal life trying to finish college/partying/living life/etcI'm going to do my best to update at least once a week maybe more depending on time restrictions, hangovers, etc.Anywho, I think this will be a great read for all and you'll end up tuning in week in and week out to find out what's happening in the world I call my life. Here's some background:My name is Mike Rogge and this fall I became a staff writer here on Newschoolers.com. I'm really excited about my opportunity to work with Jeff Schmuck and the rest of the NS staff to bring you top notch news on happenings in the world of skiing. I'm coming off three years as an East Coast Correspondent for Freeskier.com and Freeskier Magazine. I plan the Poor Boyz tours in the fall for the East Coast leg and helped out at the first ever IF3. I enjoy working with upstart ski related companies and helping them make a name for themselves. The way I see it, we've all got a spot in this industry - finding it is sometimes hard but I'm willing to help if I can while I rise through the ranks myself. So, onto today's entry: Home for the Holidays. I recently got home for the holidays after a hellacious fall semester. I'm taking a two week break then it's onto Maine for College Week at Sunday River (details on the rail jam will come soon!) and Colorado for an article on training for the big comps with the athletes. I'm looking forward to Maine and CO but it's nice to kick back, travel for fun, and relax without worrying about deadlines or exams. Here's some pics from a recent trip Schmuck and I took to NYC. Until next time, keep skiing and having fun!-Rogge Central ParkEmpire State BuildingTrying to get a cab in NYCThumbs up Frosty!