I'm living with my dad right now in this time of personal economic crisis. I just graduated college with a fairly useless degree (useless to me at least) and a lot of debt. I've been spoiled. I was in So Cal the last 5 years working at Mt. High, skiing in Big Bear and even working at Mammoth full time. In the winter on my to/from Minnesota, I would stop and ski in Colorado making Glenwood Springs one of my favorite cities in the world. I have even made a trip over to Switzerland. But now, well now I sit here in lovely Crystal, Minnesota watching the leaves change from green to red to yellow to nothing. The situation isn't completely horrible. I have free rent, free food (although only what my dad thinks I deserve till I'm a contributing member of society), discounted car insurance, and health insurance that starts up in January. That and I expect that I'll probably be the only female riding in the half pipe making me some sort of anomaly at the local resorts. Why am I here and not in California? Well, I'm broke. Finding a job that can support living in Los Angeles with out any other financial assistance is quite a challenge. It would be fine if I didn't have student loans to pay off, but I do have loans. So I'm here at my dad's saving money so that I can actually go back to school in California for something I feel is a little more useful. So, starting in the spring, I will be getting a second B.S. in Apparel Management and Merchandising with an emphasis in Apparel Production so that I can design the outerwear I love wearing so much.So this blog is going to work as an out for all my Minnesota frustrations as well as my search for a job here in Minnesota and a continued search for a job in the action sports industry in SoCal.