In conjunction with First Drop Outerwear, we're excited to announce quite possibly the coolest design contest we've ever put on...The First Drop Design Contest!

In this past, we've had design contests for just t-shirts and stickers, but David Lesh and his merry band of rebels at First Drop have decided to take it a step further by offering you the chance to design outerwear, hoodies, t-shirts, polos, thermals, hats, bandanas, logos and even shoes! Here's the details...

Head on over to the First Drop website to download a PDF that contains all of the design templates for each product, or download them individually. Make sure you use illustrator or photoshop to create (original) designs, at 150 dpi at full scale.

Once you've put together your best design(s), head on over to The First Drop Design Contest page right here on Newschoolers to enter. The contest is open for entries for one month (until March 24th), and then we'll open it up for voting for one week (until March 31st), so you can pick out which entries you like best and would love to see First Drop produce. Then when voting closes, the First Drop staff and pro team will pick their three favorites out of the top 15 and announce the winners on Monday, April 4th.

Now on to the good part...what you can win!

-The 1st place winner will receive a First Drop suit of their choice, along with a large accessory prize pack and a prototype of the gear they design.

-The 2nd place winner will receive a First Drop jacket of their choice, a small accessory prize pack and and a prototype of the gear they design.

-And the 3rd place winner will receive a large First Drop accessory prize pack and and a prototype of the gear they design.

Also keep in mind that depending on what is both physically and financially feasible from a production standpoint, only certain aspects of the design may be used, and that the winners may also be considered for possible future design work for First Drop!

First Drop will also have full legal rights to all designs (partial or whole) submitted as part of this contest, and will also have the right to use any design that is submitted, and all submissions are the property of First Drop. In the event that designs from outside of the top 3 are used in the future, the designers will receive prototypes of the gear they design as well as accessory prize packs. This way, more designers (even those who don’t win) will have a chance at their work being used and people with less design experience have more chances at winning gear.

So head on over to the First Drop site to grab the templates, design away, and enter the contest here! On behalf of everyone at First Drop and Newschoolers, we look forward to seeing what you come up with!


First Drop Outerwear at SIA