Not too sure why this video turned out so poorly. The photo quality diminished in iMovie, then for some reason the export and upload to Vimeo fell apart as well. Oh well, lets just consider it a metaphor into the first day of the season. Things will only get better from here on out...Anyway, about the video, Adam Clark and I headed up to Alta on Oct. 30 to do a lap on High Boy. Took 1 hr. 20 min. to get up and felt about the same to get down. My legs are beat!! I'll need about 20 more laps on that thing to start feeling in shape for the season. And the video was supposed to be shot on my helmet cam, but the batteries decided to empty themselves somewhere else, so I made due with my point and shoot camera. Things will only get better from here on out...Enjoy.Oct. 30, '09 - First Day Out from Blake Nyman on Vimeo.