Contributed by Mike D.

The first comp of the season hits with the 3rd Annual Georgian College Jibfest. This contest brings riders and over 25 different sponsors/vendors out from all around the Ontario area. Organized by the Ski Resort Ops. class at Georgian College this year it features a 15ft downkink rail and a 15ft tall inrun. The contest will be limited to 15 skiers so make sure that you show up early to guarantee a spot. Registration opens at 9 o'clock AM with a $25 fee. and at 10:30 the riders will begin ripping it up for the rest of the afternoon. Helmets are mandatory at this event. The campus is located in Barrie on the 400 Hwy. To get to the campus get off on the Duckworth exit and the Georgian campus will be directly in sight through the first lights so just follow any signs that are put up for Jibfest. When you get on campus the competition/vendors/party/bar/extravaganza will be located in the centre courty ard that is surrounded by all of the buildings.

For a map on the location of Georgian and the map of the campus see:

If you're coming to spectate make sure to bring some cash as there will be a bbq and a bar right next to the comp. While this is predominantly a snowboarding event come out and show that the skiing community in Ontario is growing like crazy and hopefully there will be more spots for skiers next year. Hope to see ALL you Ontario fools there.