Spring conditions and sunny weather were a perfect excuse to get our European team riders together for an end of season BBQ and Team photo comp in Verbier. Photographers Yves Garneau (http://www.g1photo.com) and Pierre Augier (http://pepefourras.free.fr) set off with our riders to bring back the best crotch grab shot, best group shot, most random shot, most creative logo placement and best overall shot…

Here are the winning shots of the Team Photo Comp:

Best Crotch Grab shot with Bastien Brouqueyre, Andy Matthew and Arnaud Rougier, by Pierre Augier
Most Creative Logo Placement with Bastien Brouqueyre inside logo, by Pierre Augier
Best Group shot with Arnaud Rougier, Jonas Delogne, Arska Saarimaki and Ben Hawker, by Yves Garneau
Most random shot with Ben Hawker and Jonas Delogne, by Yves Garneau
Best overall shot with Romain Cépi and Bastien Brouqueyre, by Pierre Augier