Filmer Fridays are starting Friday Dec. 18th at Perfect North Slopes. What does this mean? Bring your camera, bring your sticks, bring your A-Game.We're going to have a year long contest for filmers to get the sickest shot on the sickest looking features. Filmers will pick their "team" out of a hat, Riders will ride with the filmers to gather as much footage as the film feels they need.We're going to have a single feature set up like a film shoot, with lights and what not, and the park crew is going to make it b-e-a-utiful.We'll have a rider's meeting at 5:00pm, and then the filmers and riders will get paired up, they can ride where ever for the next hour and a half, then at 6:30p we're going to have a contest on the feature. The riders will compete for prizes that night, all the while the filmers try and capture the most epic shots they can. Then after the contest the groups will be able to film for the rest of the night.So the end goal(s) is/are a teaser due on the 29th of January, which will contain two Filmer Fridays, and then a "Movie" do the weekend of PFC. We're only looking for about a minute and a half for the teaser and maybe 3-5 for the "Movie."SO bring any kind of camera you can get your hands on, more than one even, show up next Friday, and have a blast filming and riding at PNS. Riders will need $5, and filmers won't need to pay, unless they want to ride too, which is fine.Hope you can all make it, hope it sounds fun.Later,Tad