Field Productions presents "Magic Moves", a Norwegian ski movie featuring top european skiers, as well as up-and-coming talents. Look out for the first heli shoot ever done on a kicker in Norway, advanced street rails, huge park features, powder and big mountain skiing. Filmed all over Norway, Europe and Colorado in High Definition and Super 8.

Athlete list:

Even Sigstad, PK Hunder, Jørgen P.Willumsen, Christopher Frankum. Espen Linnerud .Seb Garhammer, Åsmund Thorsen, John-håvard Grøgaard, Lasse Nyhaugen, Fridtjof Fredricsson, Stian B. Berentsen and more.

Supported by:, K2 skis, Helly Hansen, Notar, Friflyt, Cébé, J Lindeberg, Aloha Hemp, Whiteout.

Edited and Filmed by: Filip Christensen + additional filmers.

Available in Europe and North America October 2007.