Montréal, November 16, 2006 – Mark Fletcher, President of the Fletcher Leisure Group, is pleased to announce the appointment of Félix Rioux to the position of Sunice Snow Sports  Marketing Manager.As part of his responsibilities, Félix Rioux will first and foremost be responsible for orienting all marketing efforts of the Sunice Snow Sports collection. Félix will also act as Team Manager for the Sunice Ski Team comprised of JF Cusson, Colby West, Frank Raymond and Antoine Gagnier. In this capacity, Félix will be instrumental in developing the big ideas as well as identifying and harnessing new and emerging trends. Félix Rioux will also act as key contact to the ski press.“Our desire to make the Sunice Snow Sports brand strong and powerful led us to work with Félix.” declared Mr. Fletcher. “Félix is a true ski enthusiast and has extensive experience in the field, making him the perfect addition to our team.”Mr. Rioux is well known in the ski community as he has extensive experience in the field. In addition to founding one of the world’s first twin tip/newschool specialized ski shops, D-Structure  Proshop, he has also garnered precious experience as International Assistant Team Manager/Photographer at Salomon and International Team Manager for Bauer – Aggressive Skating division. Félix’s talents range from photographer to videographer, event planner to Extreme Sport Stunt Consultant.Félix’s 10-year work experience has led him to develop the perfect skill set to help and support the Sunice Snow Sports division.  “I’m enthusiastic about my collaboration with Sunice. Their vision of the brand and their dedication to making it one of the top ski brands on the market has led me to embark on this journey with them. I’m happy to work, on a day-to-day basis, with passionate individuals that will make this brand stand apart.”

Skier: Frank RaymondGood luck with your new job Félix, and remember to take some time to get outside and keep us stoked with more dope shots like this one!  - NS