**PLEASE ALLOW A COUPLE MINUTES FOR PICTURES TO LOAD**The month of February started off rather slow for us. The weather in Utah was mild and the snow was not great. We did notice that all of the weather was out east. With not much time to plan we tried our best to put together a trip to the DC area to shoot some urban. Unfortunately, this trip was not going to work out due to everyone competing in the Aspen Open. Instead of heading out east that weekend, I decided to head out to Aspen for the competition and just hang out and party. We still really wanted to get out east to shoot some urban, so we kept searching for where the snow would be. We noticed that Ohio and Pennsylvania were about to get hammered with snow, so without even thinking twice about it, Matt Heffernan andI quickly booked our flights to Pittsburgh, with our return flight from Cleveland.

Just about to depart rainy Salt Lake
Matt Heffernan chillin at the airport in Phoenix
Waiting for our ride at the Pittsburgh airport. This is after Heff nailed some dude in the nuts with his ski bag.We arrived late Wednesday night and were anxious for the week ahead. Flying to shoot urban does bring up some difficulties. First off we had no drop in, just a bungee. Then we somehow had to acquire a generator and additional lights (I brought a couple). Lastly, with both of us not even being 20, we couldn’t rent a car. Thankfully, we had a plan for all of this. Our first day in Pittsburgh was not going well. Having no car became a problem, and we were just waiting around for someone to bring us a generator. After waiting at a rail we had set upfor a couple hours, this guy finally showed up with a generator and a case of red bull. Unfortunately, the generator was way to small and could not handle the lights. The first day was a bust.The next day we planned on hitting a couple rails and then just heading to Cleveland, where we knew we would have some success. Thankfully, these plans actually workedout. Dan Dougherty was our tour guide out in Pittsburgh and showed us multiple rails that we were interested in. We started off with a elbowed quad kink. It looked like a sick rail, but the only problem was there was a fence right in front of the top of the rail. We decided to still session it and just come in at an 80-degree angle into the rail. After some fiddling with drop in situations, Heff finally got a shot on this guy.
This shows the elbow at the end pretty well. Photo: Dan Dougherty
Putting the hood up
Just to show the angle of the drop in and in run. Photo: Dan Dougherty
Matt Heffernan Photo: Dan DoughertyAfter that mini session and a quick stop at McDonalds we headed to a double kink that Dan knew we would love. This double kink was almost perfect. The only odd thing about it was the little drop from the down to the flat. Heff was actually starting to get frustrated and the light was disappearing quickly. He decided that he would just hit it one more time. Fortunately, the last time was a charm and got the trick he was wanting.
Dan Dougherty decided to do some skiing. He actually slid the rail before Heff did.
Heff Hiking DFD
Getting the sunset shot!After hitting a couple rails in Pittsburgh we decided to head out to Cleveland, which was luckily Heff’s hometown. There we found a car (thanks to MommaHeff) and a generator to use for the rest of trip. This made everything easier and less stressful. We spent the last 5 days out there hitting multiple features and getting shots.
Hiking this Ohio triple kink
Locked on
Downtown Cleveland from a rail we hit on the beach one night.
Ohio local, Brad Bulzan joined us for an afternoon down rail and night double kink session.
Post down rail session. Heff getting friendly with the rail. Thanks to Vince for helping with the bungee.With the trip winding down on the last night we decided tostay out as late as possible. Wegot the most shots this night, but didn’t really realize the time. We made it back to the house around 5 in the morning and our flight was leaving in less then 90 minutes. We quickly packed up and barely made our flight back to Salt Lake.
Heff reminiscing on the trip at this double kink just a couple hours before our flight left.We got back into Salt Lake and I fell right asleep. The next day I got a call from Scott Klumb saying I should head out to Colorado. I had been home for less then 24 hours but I decided to packup and head out there to get some Colorado backcountry done. The first few days out in Colorado we did some shooting with Whit Boucher and Kiwi Cam McDermid. We spent the first day exploring and hitting smaller features. The next day we found a little lip to build over a tree pillow and got a couple of shots on that.The third day we anticipated a storm, so we just went and messed around on a roof jib.
Cam McDermid
Whit Boucher
The Colorado backcountry welcoming us
Cam and Whit packing out a lip off this tree
Whit Boucher
Cam hiking out after skiing a line
Cam spinning over the tree pillow
The roof feature Cam and Whit goofed around on.
Storm coming inAfter the third day Cam and Whit had to roll out to Kirkwood for a big mountain competition. Thankfully, Ben Moxham and Austin Brown were down to film for the next week. We spent a few days shooting different pillow and cliff lines, along with acouple of different jumps.
Austin Brown and Ben Moxham
Colorado crew on a ridge. Left to right: Bentley Atteberry, Scott Klumb, Ben Moxham, Austin Brown
Colorado Mountains
Austin Brown
Austin Slaying some pillows
Austin corked and tweaked on this step over
Austin slashing on top of the pillow
Scooter posted up filming the top angle of this booter.
Got this sunrise on my way back to Vail from Denver where I spent the previous night partying with my sister.
Austin, Scooter, and Moxham chillin
Moxham taking pictures of the scenery
Towing Austin out of a place that we were stuck in for a while
Little pow slash after a pillow line
Moxham sick pillow line
Moxham spinning the second booter of the day
Moxham hiking over to scope his shots.After over a week in Colorado I headed back to Utah and it was somehow already march.Special thanks to Dan Dougherty and the entire Dougherty family for being so welcoming and hospitable. Also a special thanks to Momma Heff and the Heffernan family for the food, car, and bed.The next update for March will include more Utah backcountry and Denver urban. It looks like itmight include some Tahoe powder as well.-Photos and Words: Bentley Atteberry, Scott Klumb-Additional Photos: Dan Dougherty