The word of the week is "More". More features, more snow, more shredding, you

get the picture. The 2007-2008 winter is proving to be a perfect combo of sun

and storms. Days of big dumps and the requisite powder and tree riding seem to

be balancing with stretches of blue sky park riding days. This week we are back

into the storm cycle after some crisp cold clear days last week. During the gaps

in the storm the parks grew more experimental features in addition to seeing the

installation of several old classic jibs.

Whistler is getting more flow with the new jibs on Chipmunk which include the

back-to-back C-boxes and the double flat box as well as the return of the Whale

Tail Rail. Up at Tower 14 the jibs changed up and now feature flat-up-flat and

flat-down box. Next week look for a facelift on Bobcat as we take advantage of

all the new snow and do a rebuild. Oh I almost forgot...the Coyote section of

the Green Acres Line now has the Wallride in place at the end of the jump line.

It is set at a perfect mellow angle so you can trick off the face or slide the


The Terrain Garden is seeing unprecedented traffic this year so we will be

trying to increase the options and twin the flow for the "Small" feature riders.

We need to keep this crew happy because they are the little league player

training up for the majors!

Choker's Nintendo Park grew a little longer last week with the addition of

the lowest ever jib in the zone, in the form of a C-Box. The rest of the line is

in good shape and will undergo some cosmetic surgery with all the new snow.

The HL has a pile of new rails in the "Lucas Line" over in Freddy's World.

The double-down-bar to changeup to skate-style flat into 50' round-bar is

siiiick! At the shack booter elevation the right line is undergoing an evolution

and the three step-up are being turned into a big fat mega-step up. This one is

going to be banger! Also new in the HL are the return of the Nintendo Swing-Set

rainbow at the top and the new Hip / Booter at the bottom of the right line.

The Halfpipe is due for a rebuild and will be in prime shape for the Telus

Park Rider event on the 10th of Feb.

See the Photos

- Brian


Feb 10th Park Rider Session

Presented by TELUS Superpipe Comp

Feb 16th King of the Rail III with

100% new set-ups

Feb 29th-Mar 1st Sapient Snowboard's Showcase